HTML5 Landmarks exposed:

A break down of browser and screen reader support (and gap filling) for exposing HTML5 landmarks.

@slightlyoff @nolan agree with part of that statement.

Though I think I’m pretty up front with what the focus of the article is, so any burying was not intentional but rather an inferred topic for another day.

BTW, all the ARIA table roles effectively quadruple the weight of the HTML, double the weight of the CSS.

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@laura thanks Laura :)

haven't checked mastodon in awhile. made me smile to see you tooting my article :)

A reminder to all to check out the fantastic articles being posted on 24 Accessibility this month. So many wonderful and inspiring reads about digital inclusion and accessibility!

@stephaniewalter yeh I have my account over there, but have been using this one more

If you think CSS is hard, good, tell your boss. Perhaps then frontend devs that focus on HTML and CSS will get the same respect and pay as those that focus on JS.

Use highlight.js for syntax highlighting on your website? a11y-dark and a11y-light are now available as themes! WCAG AA compliant for color contrast, including Windows High Contrast Mode support.

any ios devs interested in helping build a mastodon client?

UI design ready, just needs implementing

paid gig. dm for more info 👀

@zachleat what about website rings and awards that were really all just link backs to the site that gave them out?

good memories and click bait....

Surprise, proper semantic & structural HTML (with lessons from AT) can better position you for future conversational UIs.

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WCAG 1.0 will be marked superseded by the end of the year. WCAG 2.1 is a nice and important modern update to WCAG 2.0.

If you always wanted to get into accessibility, this is a great time.

the csswg said if this toot gets 5000 boosts we can have container queries

Following #AEACHI #a11y talk, seeing good overlap with Inclusive Design Principles from

See replies on this tweet, note how few people seemed to read it and get the Data Saver mode bit with option to load.
"Google may start disabling Javascript on 2G connections in Chrome when Data Saver is switched on".

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