Good read on VentureBeat regarding the benefits of embracing a more inclusive process within your company. Not news to me, but may be for you. (

So I made this thing. Clients and colleagues often ask me for "video hero banners". I guess they are really sexy and engaging or something. While desktop is never _usually_ an issue, I have often recommended alternative experiences for mobile to avoid performance issues. Static image fallback usually, and on rare occasions—a carousel to stand in as a video banner, which may be even worse than just loading a video on mobile to begin with, as you now have to maintain…

Got the new Control Panel Overlay (CPO) last week. It looks good, but is ever so slightly off from the original. Likely something no other human-being will notice, but which screams out to my anal retentive eyeballs.

Soon I will disassemble the control panel, clean everything, resolder if need be, strip, spray, apply new CPO and reassemble.

I'll be doing this to most other parts on the machine first, before working on the cabinet itself. So far, I'm still within…

This is an amazing statistic:

> When testing a website for WCAG compliance, only 18% of criteria can be tested automatically, 31% auto+manual verification, and 47% manual only. via @KarlGroves

> – @WebAxe (

Accessibility Tip: If you use og:image on your site, don't forget og:image:alt. ;-)

This works on other social media outlets, so it would sure be nice if @Mastodon supported it, too!

From The Paciello Group:

"Every year, folks from TPG head to CSUN to chat about accessibility and share their knowhow. And in our CSUN 2019 Round-up, our presenters from recap their talks and share their slides..."

Really loved what @tatianatmac (twitter) had to say on @alistapart (twitter) today. Important read for anybody who works in tech (and beyond).

Told my brother that the web was 30 today and he wanted to know when we were going to fix the back button. Told him I'd open a ticket. Who should I assign it to?

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Are you building a multilingual #PWA? Can you share how you’re localizing your Web App Manifest and how you like your current solution? What are the challenges? Pain points? Successes?

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So has accessibility now gone mainstream because of Beyoncé's (inaccessible) website? Well, better late than never.

Hi aspiring #a11ycats! If you can’t afford to take my @skillshare class on accessibility, I am happy to provide you with a code so you can watch it for free.

In return I ask that you write an *honest* review and share the class with your peers!…
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#a11y #accessibledesign

Also: “Spend money on training, not (only) QA.”
"Spend money on access, not lawyers." @LFLegal

#Accessibility #A11Y #Legal

Wow, Just trying #Mastalab and am finding that literally no graphical button has a contentDescription. This makes it virtually impossible to use the app as a Talkback user. :-( #a11y #accessibility

Hey. is not the place to put #a11y writing. It does not support image alt text. Please stop (using Medium).
“Accessible” Design Systems Don’t Guarantee Accessible Products:
Accessibility is an Adopter’s Job Too, and They’ve Got Work To Do

My latest on @medium:

A reminder to all to check out the fantastic articles being posted on 24 Accessibility this month. So many wonderful and inspiring reads about digital inclusion and accessibility!

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