‘Don't steal your user's focus outlines, you wouldn't steal their cursor either’ – @lc512k@twitter.com #fronteers

THIS :-(

We “accessibility professionals” are ready to move on, but the level of understanding is so low, it’s just not
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The reason why so many accessibility talks talk about the same simple things over and over is these mistakes are still sooo common :( #fronteers

It’s been one whole year since my book, Accessibility For Everyone, came out in paperback and ebook from A Book Apart.

Did you read it? Did it help you make more accessible websites? Please tell me you enjoyed it more than @gigapup did…

If you didn’t read it yet (or even want to read it again…!) you can always listen to the audiobook on Audible. The whole book takes less than an afternoon…


Today, I told 150 collegues that the best thing they can do for accessibility is to be more empathetic and think more inclusively.

It felt pretty good to say, too.

WAI-ARIA menus, and why you should generally avoid using them
The WAI-ARIA standard defines a number of related menu roles. However, in 99% of all cases, these should not be used. A bit of history In the mid 2000s, people were arguing over whether HTML4.01 or XHTML 1.x was the better standard. Both markup languages had in common that they hardly[...]
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"Did you clear your cache?" will probably be my epitaph.

If you need to have your inputs and labels in a container to do something “fancy”* with the label (like overlaying the input and then shifting around once the user uses the field), you can use the following CSS to help users navigating the page by keyboard:

.wrapper:focus-within { outline: 2px solid currentColor; }

* I personally don’t like fancy stuff with forms, it breaks easily when JS doesn’t load and it is just not worth the hassle.

From a client: ...is [site] enabled for screen readers if we have visually impaired candidates, etc.

This always amuses me. Accessibility covers a broad range of issues, but somehow, client’s never fail to make it only about blind folks.

Design & Dev Tip: If you are refreshing a clients website and they have an "accessibility" link in their footer, it is usually a good idea to, ya know—MAKE THE NEW SITE ACCESSIBLE!

Seriously, it is generally a good indication that the client will have accessibility concerns.

If a vendor says it can fix a11y problems on your site “with no changes to source code, page functionality, appearance, or load time,” it is lying.

Everyone, read this, and then evaluate Mozilla’s actions and excuses by its criteria.


“Private by default” is the only definition of privacy that matters. Not “choice”.

Remember that every time you hear #Mozilla harp on about how “yes, it may not be private by default BUT YOU HAVE CHOICE.” Fuck choice! Make it private by default, you billion-dollar hypocrites.

#EthicalTechnology vs #SurveillanceCapitalism

I’m depressed reviewing other people’s work for accessibility. It’s basically all bad. It is one thing to point people to where they can improve. But then I write issues and reports for pages that are semantically and aestethicgally so simple that I could re-code them in half of the time it takes to review their work. I usually think “at least they’ll learn and improve”, but to be honest that seems to never happen. Quite the opposite, in the last year I saw a sharp decline in code quality.

<input type="text" aria-live="assertive">

Will just read the text again for screen reader users, with every letter that is typed. Screen readers have ways to read back inputs to users. You don’t need to add anything. This is confusing at best, disorienting for most users and a barrier for many.


Hey DEVS. Please go easy on the aria-label, it will override the native code. Saw this today
&lt;h2 aria-label="true"&gt;Privacy Preference Centre&lt;/h2&gt;

Were you aware links are not focusable in Firefox on Mac OS by default? #a11y

My goal for the weekend is to read all my open browser tabs.

There are so many interesting tidbits in this Font Feelings section of the Font Purchasing Habits Survey. Especially the bits around variable fonts! medium.com/@mcpflugie/the-2018

It is kind of funny, though, that there's all these coders who want to ignore the Cascading part of #CSS, but are intent on turning JS into Java.

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