Accessibility Tip: If you use og:image on your site, don't forget og:image:alt. ;-)

This works on other social media outlets, so it would sure be nice if @Mastodon supported it, too!

Happy ! and have informed every design and development decision I have made in the past 15 years and have never let me down.

I'm a bit of a retro gaming aficionado. After years of wanting one, I finally bought this!

Namor: Do not toot it!

*toots horn*

Doctor Doom: Fool! Doctor Doom toots as he pleases!

Here is another photo of our new puppy, Sass. Trying to issue commands like sass --sit and sass --speak, but we are not there yet.

This *might* be one of the first web accessibility books ever. It changed the way I make websites and started me down this path.

Building Accessible Websites by Joe Clark

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