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WCAG 1.0 will be marked superseded by the end of the year. WCAG 2.1 is a nice and important modern update to WCAG 2.0.

If you always wanted to get into accessibility, this is a great time.

Hm. As browsers currently drop elements with display contents from the accessibility tree, rendering your content inaccessible, I’d say: Not at all for now.

(Write to your browser vendor to fix that bug!)

♠ “When to use display:contents to improve semantics in your HTML.” Working with CSS Grid occasionally come at a cost and that is semantic markup.

'“Sysadmin” is just another way to say “professional patcher.” It’s like you’re a roofer, but indoors and with different tar.' - #fmjail

👉 Your dose of curate weekly links: accessibility tools for colors, to design for colorblind, accessibility general tips, CSS and HSL, CSS grid area, notifications and UX, building design systems and more.

Hey there! Just a reminder that there is a Mastodon instance dedicated to accessibility! Join us!

Bad Practices on Phone Number Form Fields >> hum, I don't think you should rely on geolocation to guess phone number country prefix. Current user location might not be the same as prefix (holidays, working in another country) :/

I'm a bit of a retro gaming aficionado. After years of wanting one, I finally bought this!

Currently preparing the weekly links article, there will be a lot of accessibility and color accessibility ressources <3

You can get announcements of new accessibility publications, drafts for review, & other #W3C #WAI #accessibility news direct to your In Box – just subscribe to the new WAI Announcements e-mail list. #a11y #wcag
Info at:

I see people who do not practice accessibility again noting how inaccessible #a11y is to ‘outsiders’. A primer:

While having a lot of contrast is important for many aspects of accessible design, if everything has a lot of contrast, nothing has a lot of contrast.


I take some dark pleasure in citing accessibility issues on many client's "Diversity" pages. Oh, the irony.

Namor: Do not toot it!

*toots horn*

Doctor Doom: Fool! Doctor Doom toots as he pleases!

In choosing which designer or developer to hire, the one with a decent working knowledge of accessibility, wins out everytime. It's that important. All hiring managers should do the same.

‘Don't steal your user's focus outlines, you wouldn't steal their cursor either’ – #fronteers

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