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So has accessibility now gone mainstream because of Beyoncé's (inaccessible) website? Well, better late than never.

Hi aspiring #a11ycats! If you can’t afford to take my @skillshare class on accessibility, I am happy to provide you with a code so you can watch it for free.

In return I ask that you write an *honest* review and share the class with your peers!…
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#a11y #accessibledesign

Also: “Spend money on training, not (only) QA.”
"Spend money on access, not lawyers." @LFLegal

#Accessibility #A11Y #Legal

Wow, Just trying #Mastalab and am finding that literally no graphical button has a contentDescription. This makes it virtually impossible to use the app as a Talkback user. :-( #a11y #accessibility

Hey. is not the place to put #a11y writing. It does not support image alt text. Please stop (using Medium).
“Accessible” Design Systems Don’t Guarantee Accessible Products:
Accessibility is an Adopter’s Job Too, and They’ve Got Work To Do

My latest on @medium:

A reminder to all to check out the fantastic articles being posted on 24 Accessibility this month. So many wonderful and inspiring reads about digital inclusion and accessibility!

After examining bunches of web sites and their keyboard support, confirms it’s a mess out there.

If you manage developers, don't keep sending accessibility issues to your specialists to fix. The best thing you can do is share those tasks across entire dev team. The greener the dev, the better. It is the only way they will learn and future work will be better for it.

Happy ! and have informed every design and development decision I have made in the past 15 years and have never let me down.

Web Rumble! According to @dequesystems aXe, @foxnews home page has 312 issues, while @CNN has 118. Page weight ~2MB for both. However, Fox works well when JS is disabled. CNN renders header and footer only. Winner, while painful to say: @foxnews PE FTW! Work on a11y tho!


WCAG 1.0 will be marked superseded by the end of the year. WCAG 2.1 is a nice and important modern update to WCAG 2.0.

If you always wanted to get into accessibility, this is a great time.

Hm. As browsers currently drop elements with display contents from the accessibility tree, rendering your content inaccessible, I’d say: Not at all for now.

(Write to your browser vendor to fix that bug!)

♠ “When to use display:contents to improve semantics in your HTML.” Working with CSS Grid occasionally come at a cost and that is semantic markup.

'“Sysadmin” is just another way to say “professional patcher.” It’s like you’re a roofer, but indoors and with different tar.' - #fmjail

Hey there! Just a reminder that there is a Mastodon instance dedicated to accessibility! Join us!

I'm a bit of a retro gaming aficionado. After years of wanting one, I finally bought this!

You can get announcements of new accessibility publications, drafts for review, & other #W3C #WAI #accessibility news direct to your In Box – just subscribe to the new WAI Announcements e-mail list. #a11y #wcag
Info at:

I see people who do not practice accessibility again noting how inaccessible #a11y is to ‘outsiders’. A primer:

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